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Can you hear me now?

the phone blog of Marianne E. B. Markham

7/15/08 03:57 pm

This voice post centered journal is friends only. If you want to get to know me, I suggest you check out the LJ I use more often: phspopular2002

I'm only doing this for mostly entertainment purposes for the people I consider to be friends.

If I don't already know you, to be added, please comment your answers to the following survey. Once I see your answer, I'll reply ASAP.

Your real name (first or whole name it doesn't matter):

From (City and State please if you live in the USA. Country is a must if you're outside the US. If you're from the Southern Maryland area please state which county):

On my interest list, put down 3 that you would have in common with me.

(optional)Put down anything else that would be a reason why you'd like to befriend this journal.
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